ENVIRON® Vitamin-Infused Facial


The ENVIRON® DF Machine provides treatments that are at the forefront of scientific skincare. The ENVIRON® products used in these treatments contain optimum strengths of vitamins A and C as well as growth factors that aid in anti-aging. This creative system enhances the penetration of these products through the skin, which is crucial because the skin has a natural waterproofing barrier that hinders the absorption of active ingredients in traditional skincare products. The DF Machine manages to overcome this resistance with two proven methods:

  • Iontophoresis: uses an electrical current to facilitate greater penetration of vitamins into the skin
  • Sonophoresis: uses sound waves to transport vitamin molecules through the layers of the skin

With this technology, infusion of the active ingredients into your skin increases by an astounding 4,000 percent, which in turn, means better results for your skin!

This treatment is best done in a series of six treatments.

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Purpose: Anti-Aging, General Skin Health, Hyperpigmention
Treatment Time: 60 Minutes
Recommended Time Between Treatments for Optimal Results: 4 Weeks