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Laser Genesis Excel V™

The Spa at Spring Ridge is pleased to be offering the Laser Genesis Excel V™ to it's latest arsenal of non-invasive laser skin treatments. Research has shown great improvements with the use of the Laser Genesis on virtually all skin types for the treatment of scars, especially from surgery, to removing fine wrinkles, diffusing redness of the skin including rosacea, and as well as providing excellent rejuvenation of the skin. The Laser Genesis has also shown to reduce pore size and shrink sebaceous glands which can clog the skin. Laser Genesis treatments require no downtime and produces virtually no discomfort to the patient. Most patients can see subtle immediate results with almost no side effects like skin irritation and redness. The treatments don't require any anesthetics and are fairly comfortable to endure. Most conditions require anywhere from four to six treatment sessions before you can see lasting results, with about three to four weeks between sessions depending upon what conditions are being treated. The Excel V laser system, with three unique laser modes, offers flexibility to treat more vascular conditions than existing lasers. The conditions the Excel V laser can treat include: Port Wine Stains- these are congenital malformations of dermal microvasculature which range in color from light pink to dark purple. Port wine stains can occur anywhere on the body, but majority appear on the face. Rosacea- a chronic condition characterized by flushing or redness of the face. While distinct vessels can be part of the condition, the overall redness is caused by vessels that are too small to see individually. Leg Veins- leg veins are dilated vessels that range from large reticular blue veins to small spider veins. These dilated vessels can appear in the lower extremities due to blood flow abnormalities, causing the vessels to expand. Facial Telangictasia- Telangictasias can appear due to both genetic predisposition as well as environmental factors. While they most often do not present a medical issue, they do create a cosmetic concern particularly when they appear on the face. Cherry Angiomas-small red papules that appear spontaneously on the skin. Although at first appearance they are very small, they can typically grow larger. Cherry Angiomas are often benign, and present more of a cosmetic than medical concern. coolview-technology

Contact Cooling with Coolview technology

The Cutera Excel V laser includes an advanced variable contact cooling system on the tip which allows the operator to adjust the contact temperature. This contact cooling system allows for the surrounding treatment to be cooled, improving comfort when treating larger vessels, or reduced cooling when treating pigmentations or other superficial discolorations. The CoolView design of the Excel V laser hand-piece is unique while providing protection and visibility of the treated areas. After a treatment regimen has been completed, the beneficial results can end up lasting for years. However, since the aging process continues at an increased rate as people grow older, results longevity may vary. Good post-treatment skin care should always be used in conjunction with the Laser Genesis system, included using a sun screen when exposed to sunlight. Learn more about the Laser Genesis Skin Therapy System in this video from Access Hollywood.

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