Picosure FOCUS

The Picosure™ FOCUS for Skin Revitalization will help collagen and elastin, which make up the support structure in our skin. When we age, that support structure weakens, forming wrinkles or textural issues. These revitalization treatments use powerful laser technology to refresh the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. The heat energy applied to the skin with the laser works fast to minimize wrinkles and improve the appearance of the skin on various areas of your body, such as your neck, cheeks, hands, arms. It can also smooth away smokers’ lines around your mouth, and reduce crow’s feet around your eyes.

The Picosure™ FOCUS also treats:

  • Acne Scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation from the sun or aging
  • Enlarged Pores

Typically 2-3 treatments are necessary, but it may only require one treatment depending on your goal.

What does the PicoSure FOCUS procedure entail?

For rejuvenating the skin, we often suggest the PicoSure FOCUS procedure to our patients. This laser technology involves pulsing light to the skin in the area needing revitalization, which diminishes the discoloration or age lines on the face or body. After the procedure is completed, downtime is minima; it involves around a day off work. We ask that you be gentle in your activity over the next few days, but you should feel back to normal relatively soon. The main goal of this procedure is removal of unwanted visible spots on the skin. This can go for discoloration and blemishes as well as tattoo removal. Whatever you need it to address aesthetically, the PicoSure FOCUS procedure is effective in its approach. A simple consultation with our team will ensure you know what the procedure entails to its full extent.

Who is a good candidate for PicoSure FOCUS tattoo removal?

The best candidate for PicoSure FOCUS tattoo removal is one who has both a healthy body and a healthy mind. The candidate needs to possess patience, knowing the procedure isn’t a quick fix. He or she should understand that tattoo removal with PicoSure FOCUS is achievable with enough time and recovery.

A good candidate also recognizes that the procedure exposes your body and skin to pulses of light. Your exposure to this light should be harmless. However, we find that patients are cautious to proceed with the procedure when they have particularly sensitive skin. For this, we often encourage patients to do their research. There is no better way for a patient to feel empowered by the procedure and feel knowledgeable of the outcome, than for them to ask questions, do the research, and get the answers.

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