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Laser Tattoo Removal

The Picosure™ offers breakthrough tattoo removal technology.  This is the most advanced laser treatment available for safe and effective tattoo removal.  Picosure™ targets unwanted ink more effectively than ever before , successfully removing difficult ink colors, such as blues and greens, as well as previously treated tattoos.

Fewer treatments, faster recovery time, and greater results are achievable with Picosure’s™ groundbreaking picoseconds technology, which shatters the ink into the smaller particles as compared to older technology which simply heat up the target area to break up the tattoo ink.  This laser system is designed to deliver unmatched results as a significant reduction in the number of treatments required, meaning less of an overall investment for our clients.

A consultation is required where our certified aestheticians will go over expectations and pre- and post-care instructions.  All treatments are priced by the size of the tattoo during your complimentary consultation.

Tattoo Removal Process

The tattoo removal process at our facility, Spa at Spring Ridge, is not an arduous one. Rather, it is one in which your aesthetic team is dedicated to your tattoo removal. Through laser therapy – specifically the PicoSure FOCUS process – tattoo removal is feasible without damaging the look and feel of your skin. Think of your tattoo like a blemish, and every single day, aesthetic surgeons are using non-invasive therapies and procedures to diminish blemishes. Why can’t that technology be put to use for you?

Your skin should only be treated with the best therapies and the highest of care. There is no exception to that rule here at Spa at Spring Ridge. We put you and your skin first, and that is because aesthetic improvements are our priority.

Common Questions We Hear (FAQs)

Are there any conditions that prevent laser tattoo removal as a suitable treatment?

It is a safe assumption that not all patients are good candidates for laser tattoo removal. There are just some conditions that prevent men and women from this type of tattoo removal. Those include pregnancy, skin conditions, an active illness, or a current infection. These are prohibitive of laser therapy altogether.

These conditions as prohibitory from laser hair removal are logical ones though. For pregnancy, it absolutely makes sense that you may not want to risk your fetus being exposed to a laser during its formative growth process. That’s not a risk worth taking. As well, don’t expose yourself to a laser if you are sick. Should you have an illness or an infection, your immune system is currently working overtime to tackle those, so it won’t have the gusto to aid in the healing of your skin after tattoo removal.

Will my tattoo be completely gone after my first treatment?

Realistically, your tattoo will not be completely gone after an initial treatment. It often takes several treatments, depending on the size and color of the tattoo. Some colors, like dark blues and greens, are harder to diminish. As such, this will require more treatments.

Also to note is size. To be honest and fair with our patients is always our goal, so we don’t beat around the bush. If you have a full back tattoo that you’re seeking for removal, it is so very realistic to say that you may not noticed even much of a difference after your first treatment.

No need to worry though. Our staff is with you every step of the way, ensuring you know a realistic timeline of your tattoo’s diminishment. You know your progress before, during, and after every single treatment.

What should I do before my tattoo removal treatment?

Before a tattoo removal treatment, it is best that you keep the treatment area of skin clean. Your tattooed area should be clean and dry before the procedure, and no infection should be present. If you’re getting over an infection, we suggest you wait until you’ve completely healed to receive treatment.

As well, if you’re getting over an illness, no matter how minor it is, we suggest you wait on the removal. Your body is fighting hard during an illness. No matter how minimal your downtime or symptoms are for your illness, your body is working overtime. Essentially, your body doesn’t have the time to stop working on your illness to pay attention to your skin’s recovery after tattoo removal. We want the best outcome possible for your tattoo, so we suggest letting your immune system give it all you’ve got.

How many treatments does the tattoo removal process require?

Patients should know that it takes several treatments to have a tattoo removed. Again, it depends on the size and color of the artwork. Expect anywhere between two and ten treatments for maximum removal. Some colors, darker ones like greens and blacks and blues, require more treatments than more nude colorings.

This may seem daunting at first, but it the long run, it is merely a temporary inconvenience. By accepting ten treatments for tattoo removal, you’re theoretically removing future decades of your tattoo. You won’t be slipping into that dress for your work retirement party, worried your whole team will finally see that tattoo you got when you were 20. You can regain a new body, new skin where your tattoo once was, and a new appreciation of your aesthetic appeal after a tattoo removal.

How many treatments will it take until my tattoo is fully removed?

An average amount of treatments required for a tattoo to be fully removed doesn’t really exist. Each tattoo treatment varies depending on the size and coloring of the tattoo itself. However, it is safe to say that treatments may be as minimal as two sessions or as extensive as 12. The best way to determine the amount of treatments is with a consultation.

During your consultation, we will assess the size and shape of the tattoo. We will ask the age of the tattoo, when you received it, and even what condition you believe the parlor/tattoo shop was when you got the tattoo. We need to know what kind of tattoo history is present with your skin.

Additionally, we look at the colors of the tattoo. There are some colors that are more difficult to diminish, and it will take more time to remove pieces that contain blue or green coloring. This is all expressed during your consultation appointment.

Laser Tattoo Removal

In perfecting your body to your best self, sometimes you must consider certain therapies. Laser tattoo removal is one of those procedures. Daily, men and women seek out laser tattoo removal procedures that both remove old tattoos and renew their skin.

Not only does laser tattoo removal bring back the body to a new beginning, but it brings the patient to a place of rejuvenation. No more do men and women have to worry about tattoo regret. No more do you have to “live” with a decision you wish you could take back. And even for our younger patients: no more do you have to worry about every single job interview you go into. Laser tattoo removal allows you to take back your body to a clean slate.

If you would like more information regarding our laser tattoo removal, contact The Spa at Spring Ridge. Call (610) 927-3223 today to schedule your initial appointment with us.