Anti-Aging Treatment

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you happy with the reflection facing back at you? If not, it’s time to set up your complimentary skin consultation and learn about our programs designed to diminish or reverse the signs of aging.

What you see in the mirror is a direct result of the following factors:

  • Photo-aging: caused by repeated exposure to sunlight
  • Smoking: results in major health issues and ages your skin
  • Alcohol: whether topically applied or ingested, ages the skin
  • Diet: the old adage you are what you eat applies to the skin
  • Muscle Movement: increased activity of facial muscles commonly called expression lines
  • Fat Loss: as you are losing weight it is natural to lose fat from the cheeks
  • Fat Shift: movement of fat to the jowls and eyelids (fat pads)

For the best results we recommend a two pronged approach to anti-aging that includes medically directed skin care products and non-invasive medical procedures that work in tandem to stop time and the visible signs of aging in their tracks. Our goal is not to erase your personality and naturally beautiful features but to soften any visible tell tale signs of aging.

Skin Care Products

The key component of any anti-aging treatment plan begins by selecting the best products to suit your skin. As you know the marketing blitz with regard to skin products can be overwhelming. Our professionals help you sort through the hype of the fads in skincare by educating you on various product ingredients and their overall effectiveness. You will learn why expensive over the counter creams may not be as effective as a lower priced medical grade product.

The Spa at Spring Ridge offers an exclusive line of medical grade skin care products designed to address a wide range of skin types and issues, including aging skin. Our procedures start in the spa, but must continue at home for optimal results. Dr. Schlechter and the Medical Aestheticians will design a program for your use at home. Our anti-aging products include lighteners, retinols, antioxidant serums and creams, all of which aid in reversing or slowing down the aging process.

We are extremely selective with our product partners. We have spent months researching medical and spa vendors and only the best make it onto our shelves… and into our treatment rooms.

The Spa at Springridge offers an extensive portfolio of Anti-Aging Treatments including:

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