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The Spa at Spring Ridge Home

Comfort Zone

Care is synonymous with attention, detail and customized solutions. The objective that Comfort Zone sets out to accomplish when devising and developing new systems is to look after the person in his/her entirety in order to make each experience of Comfort Zone products, skin and body treatments as gratifying as possible. This is what lies at the heart of their world of beauty and well-being.

Emotional experiences, sensory sublimity and extraordinary results: this extraordinary collaboration characterizes the menu of Comfort Zone products and treatments in order to satisfy, in a personalized and as accurate a way as possible, the most requests and concerns of the clientele.

The use of exclusive massaging techniques and tested, careful procedures of application guarantee our skin and body treatments to be beneficial and pleasant, and render them safe even for the most sensitive of skins and for pregnant women.

The European philosophy of skin care is based on the knowledge that the skin, in its state of maximum balance, affects the mind, creating a marvelous feeling of harmony, with that thought in mind, Comfort Zone has created a line specifically for men. The Man Space system transforms common habits into an effective, refreshing, restoring ritual, helping to manage stressful conditions for a vital mind and body. Man space is a unique grooming system specifically conceived to match the highest expectations of contemporary men. Each product is the result of advanced studies, based on the specific requirements of men’s skin and body.