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Fat Reduction

Grotto Giusti Treatment

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Ideal for body toning and shaping, this luxurious, redefining mud aids in reducing cellulite, firming the skin, and refining its contours. The mud is applied, which increases metabolism and firms the tissues. Next, a cellulite massage of specific areas aids in removing toxic deposits, which cause the “orange peel” look. You are then hydrated with a moisturizer that purifies, firms, and increases collagen formation. This treatment is great if done in a series of treatments. A reduction of inches is noticeable if home care is added to your treatment routine.

Cost: $90
Treatment Time: 60 minutes
Recommended Time Between Treatments for Optimal Results: 2 weeks


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SculpSure® is a breakthrough in non-invasive body-contouring, which uses laser energy technology to comfortably, safely, and effectively rid the body of excess fat cells. In addition, SculpSure® has the added benefit of providing some skin tightening due to the deep tissue heating.

Purpose: Non-Surgical Fat Reduction
Treatment Time: 25 minutes
Recommended Time Between Treatments for Optimal Results: 6 weeks