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The Spa at Spring Ridge Home

For Men


Gentlemen’s Pedicure

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Embrace the earth’s warmth with this invigorating pedicure that will warm your sole. This is total relaxation for tired, overworked feet. Nails will be trimmed, cuticles manicured, and a raw sugar warming foot and leg scrub will polish the skin while a volcanic clay mineral masque will hydrate and protect your feet. Use of hot towels and a polish application complete this calming experience.

Cost: $60
Treatment Time: 60 minutes


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A gentle form of natural healing that involves massaging specific areas of the feet and hands. Circulation is increased while promoting optimal heath and function of corresponding organs and glands in the body. Foot or hand reflexology is a great compliment to any of our massage and body treatments.

Cost: $50
Treatment Time: 30 minutes
Recommended Time Between Treatments for Optimal Results: 2 to 3 weeks