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Body Services

Enhancement Add-Ons


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Choose from one of our specially formulated lotions to create the aromatic massage that is just right for you. Enjoy the healing benefits of our natural aromas which will enhance relaxation and stress relief.

Cost: $15


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Cupping involves placing cups on a specific area creating a vacuum with suction that theoretically clears pores and releases toxins. It can leave a red mark or a bruise that can last for days. Cupping is known to relive neck pain, back pain, headaches, and some other ailments.

It should not be performed on anyone with bleeding or blood clotting disorders. It is also not recommended for clients with seizure or skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis.

Cost: $30

Hot Stones

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Melt away tension with the ultimate massage tool, hot stones. Hot stones help your therapist to further relax tight muscles, ease stiffness and increase circulation. Add Hot Stones to your Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.

Cost: $50


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LIGHTWAVEs patented red, infrared, and blue light therapy can dramatically revitalize your skin without any downtime or discomfort. Our innovative aesthetic treatments help counteract years of sun damage, environmental damage, aging, acne, and acne scarring. Unlike traditional LED light therapy, TLI’s active facial infusion systems are intended to combine colors of light and photo energy with topicals to directly affect the tissue being treated. TLI uses specific doses of visible light energy to propel photon energy into various layers of the skin.

Blemish Control Infusion (30 min): Detoxify the skin and reduce inflammation resulting in an overall improved appearance.

Brightening Infusion (30 min): Reduce the formation of melanin production and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, acne, and hormonal changes.

Collagen Renewal Infusion (30 min): Rejuvenate and tighten the skin by boosting collagen production with this anti-aging treatment.

LED/Infrared Therapy Session: This body treatment is specifically designed to address inflammation associated with trauma and/or an allergic reaction that causes discomfort with a focus on clients who experience persistent problems such as joint and muscle discomfort

Post-Recovery Infusion (30 min): Speed up the re-epithelization after microneedling, peels, or laser treatments.

Wrinkle Repair Infusion (30 min): Diminish fine lines & wrinkles resulting in firmer, smoother skin with this peptide powerhouse.

Stand-alone LIGHTWAVE LED Therapy is $110, but you can add the benefits of LED and infrared light to any facial or massage service for only $60.

Paraffin Treatment (for Hands or Feet)

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Suitable for all skin types, our paraffin wax treatment provides a luxurious treatment that will make your skin feel smooth and deeply hydrated beyond belief. Consisting of 11 vitamins including A, C, E, D, B-5, and B-12, our nourishing paraffin treatment provides the nutrients vital to healthy skin and is ideal for renewal and maintenance. Heated treatments produce exceptional hydration and protection from dryness, cracking, soreness, and irritation that our tired hands and feet need.

Cost: $25 to $35