SculpSure – Noninvasive Fat Loss

Dr. Schlechter is the first to introduce SculpSure, a new non- invasive fat reduction technology, to the Berks County area. Dr. Schlechter has always been on the cutting edge of bringing new effective technologies to Spring Ridge Plastic Surgery. The SculpSure system utilizes a 1060nm laser to heat the fatty layer of tissue under the skin. By doing so, this disrupts the fat cells called adipocytes. Over weeks to months the body removes the fatty tissue and fat cells resulting in reduction of the fatty layer in the areas treated. A patient can expect up to 24-25% fat reduction with one treatment based on current studies.

The procedure takes 25 minutes and involves placing the device over the area to be treated. This is secured in place with a belt around the waist. This allows the device to make contact with the skin. During the treatment, the skin is actively cooled making the treatment comfortable. During this cooling process the underlying fat is actively heated. Following the procedure the areas treated feel a bit sore similar to the soreness after a vigorous workout at the gym. The areas may be sensitive for a few days following the procedure. After that, it is a matter of waiting for the treated areas to decrease in size. Results can be seen by 6 weeks, however, it typically takes a few months for the fat to breakdown. But after 6 months, all the fat that has been treated is gone. Depending on the amount of fat reduction desired, a second treatment may be performed 6 weeks after the first.

Many have heard of CoolSculpting. This is a modality that treats fat cells by freezing them. The treatment takes twice as long as SculpSure and is significantly more painful. SculpSure has brought us out of the Ice Age.

Dr. Schlechter utilizes a 3-D measuring device that will take measurements from the ankles to the neck so an objective comparison can be made to assess the treated areas. This measuring tool is included as a courtesy to patients undergoing body contouring procedures. If you are interested in scheduling your SculpSure appointment, contact us today at (610) 880-8265.

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