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PicoSure® in Wyomissing, PA

PicoSure® is the only picosecond laser with the ability to both treat pigmented lesions, acne-scars, and wrinkles and also effectively shatter all tattoo ink colors with virtually no downtime.

This innovative laser technology system is the world’s first picosecond laser and has been used to effectively treat over 500,000 patients worldwide.

PicoSure® utilizes a unique combination of 532 nm and 755 nm wavelengths to treat a variety of pigmentary conditions and also has the ability to remove even the most difficult tattoo ink colors.

The addition of the Focus lens array activates a process called cell signaling that stimulates the natural skin-refreshing processes in the human body.

This groundbreaking technology allows for a gentle, non-thermal (no significant heat) treatment that offers exceptional results with fewer treatments.

PicoSure® Focus

PicoSure® FOCUS™ Lens Array for Skin Revitalization will help rebuild collagen and elastin, which make up the support structure in our skin.

When we age, that support structure weakens, forming wrinkles or textural issues. Revitalization treatments use powerful laser technology to refresh the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. The heat energy applied to the skin with the laser works fast to minimize wrinkles and improve the appearance of the skin on various areas of your body, such as your neck, cheeks, hands, and arms. It can also smooth away smokers’ lines around your mouth, and reduce crow’s feet around your eyes.

PicoSure® Focus also treats:

After a few weeks, you will see some visibly noticeable results. Typically two to three treatments are necessary, yet we may recommend more depending on your specific needs and desired results.

What does the PicoSure® Focus procedure entail?

Picosure focus lens array
For rejuvenating the skin, we often suggest the PicoSure® FOCUS™ Lens Array procedure to our patients. This laser technology involves pulsing light to the skin in the area needing revitalization, which diminishes the discoloration or age lines on the face or body.

The Focus Lens Array delivers 20 times the energy density of a normal PicoSure pulse to begin activating cell signaling. Cynosure’s Focus Lens Array precisely redistributes 755 nm energy to create microscopic, photomechanical reactions in the epidermis that communicate with the dermis. This process initiates a natural healing response leading to increased collagen and elastin in the skin.

Downtime is minimal after the procedure is completed. Normally, in just a few hours the redness and swelling have subsided. We ask that you be gentle in your activity over the next few days after your treatment to not irritate your skin. You will receive specific instructions for optimal results.

We have had tremendous success with the PicoSure® FOCUS when treating melasma. Whatever you need it to address aesthetically, the PicoSure® FOCUS™ Lens Array procedure is effective in its approach.

A simple consultation with our team will ensure you know what the procedure entails to its full extent.

PicoSure® Tattoo Removal

PicoSure® tattoo removal is a revolutionary new way to safely and effectively shatter all tattoo ink colors.
By utilizing a unique combination of 755 nm, 532 nm, and 1064 nm wavelengths PicoSure® can efficiently target and lift ink particles out of the skin across most skin types without harming the skin under and around the tattooed skin.

What Makes PicoSure® Tattoo Removal Different than Other Lasers?

The main items that truly set the PicoSure® apart when it comes to laser tattoo removal are:

  • More effective at removing the pigments by lifting instead of burning the pigment.
  • Does not damage the skin under or around the tattoo.
  • Typically there are less treatments for better results, meaning less time spent and less financial commitment.
  • Works on both old and new (fully healed) tattoos.

Who is a good candidate for PicoSure® tattoo removal?

The best candidate for PicoSure® tattoo removal is one who has both a healthy body and a healthy mind. The candidate needs to possess patience, knowing the procedure isn’t a quick fix. He or she should understand that tattoo removal with PicoSure® is achievable with enough time and recovery.

A good candidate also recognizes that the procedure exposes your body and skin to pulses of light. Your exposure to this light should be harmless. However, we find that patients are cautious to proceed with the procedure when they have particularly sensitive skin. For this, we often encourage patients to do their research. There is no better way for a patient to feel empowered by the procedure and feel knowledgeable of the outcome, than for them to ask questions, do the research, and get the answers.

PicoSure® Tattoo Removal Before & After Photos

This 30-year-old female had two PicoSure® laser treatments to remove a tattoo on her ankle. The After photo is 24-weeks after the second PicoSure® laser treatment.

Tattoo removal before & after photo

This 36-year-old female patient had four PicoSure® laser treatments to remove a tattoo on the underside of her forearm. The After photo is five weeks after the fourth PicoSure® laser treatment.

Tattoo removal before & after photo

This 40-year-old female patient had five PicoSure® laser treatments to remove a tattoo. The After photo is 16 weeks after her fifth PicoSure® laser treatment.

Tattoo removal before & after photo

This 33-year-old female had six PicoSure® laser treatments to remove her tattoo. The After photo is eight weeks after her sixth PicoSure® laser treatment.

Tattoo removal before & after photo

This 32-year-old male patient had one PicoSure® laser treatment to remove a tattoo on his wrist. The After photo is 11 weeks after his first PicoSure® laser treatment.

Tattoo removal before & after photo

To get a time and cost estimate for laser tattoo removal, we can do an “over the phone” consultation. We would simply need a photograph of the tattoo you are looking to have removed.
Call us at (610) 927-3223 to get more information.