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excel® V+ by CUTERA® in Reading, PA

The excel® V+ by CUTERA® is the latest generation laser technology for vascular and pigmentation concerns. Designed with input from today’s leading dermatologists, the excel® V+ is a solid-state laser that treats a wide variety of skin concerns by using two unique handpieces—the Genesis V™ and the CoolView™—and two different wavelengths.  

The Spa at Spring Ridge now offers the excel® V+ laser system for patients in Reading, PA.

Do I Need Treatment With excel® V+ by CUTERA®?

The excel® V+ laser offers the most extensive range of treatment options. The two distinct wavelengths can address more than 20 skin irregularities, including superficial and deep vascular concerns, pigmented lesions, and signs of aging. 

This system is safe and appropriate for all skin types.

How Are excel® V+ by CUTERA® Treatments Performed?

The Spa at Spring Ridge offers customizable excel® V+  treatments to target specific concerns or provide overall facial rejuvenation. Treatments can use one or both handpieces. 

By delivering gentle micro pulses of laser energy, this treatment stimulates collagen formation and reinforces the skin.

The excel® V+ laser offers two different wavelengths:

  • 532 nm: This greenlight or green laser light treats a variety of superficial vascular lesions, such as rosacea, diffused redness, and telangiectasias. 
  • 1064 nm: This uses long-pulsed Nd:YAG and treats deeper, darker vascular lesions, including leg and periorbital veins.

What Is Genesis V™?

Genesis V™ rejuvenates the skin by helping to build collagen and elastin stores. This treatment is available in the 532 nm for all-over treatment and the 1064 nm for anti-aging and acne. 

Genesis V™ heats the skin to:

  • Remodel collagen
  • Improve the appearance of wrinkles
  • Diffuse redness

What Is CoolView™?

CoolView™ offers the unparalleled treatment of skin tone irregularities. This spot treatment addresses areas that are between two and 12 millimeters wide and offers both the 532 and the 1064 nm wavelengths. 

CoolView™ is applied to the skin to minimize the appearance of:

  • Spider veins
  • Broken capillaries
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Port-wine stains
  • Hyperpigmentation 

What Is My excel® V+ by CUTERA® Recovery Like?

During your excel® V+ procedure, the integrated sapphire cooling system will optimize your comfort and safety by providing cooling before, during, and after the laser session. 

Most patients experience little to no discomfort or downtime. You can return to work and your normal activities immediately after your treatment, and any resulting redness or irritation will resolve itself within a few hours or days. 

What Results Can I Expect From excel® V+ by CUTERA®?

The excel® V+ laser provides both superficial and deep treatment of skin tone and texture irregularities. Results after your excel® V+ laser treatments are noticeable immediately following your treatment and will continue to improve over the following weeks. 

After your excel® V+ laser treatment at The Spa at Spring Ridge, you will notice a significant improvement in the smoothness, firmness, and evenness of your skin tone. 

While results are dramatic, it will be up to you to maintain those results. You should protect your skin—and the quality of your results—by staying out of the sun, keeping the skin hydrated, eating a healthy diet, and following up your excel® V+ laser treatments with additional sessions or other cosmetic enhancements.

Interested in excel® V+ by CUTERA® in Reading, PA?

If you would like to learn more about excel® V+ by CUTERA® and the cost of your laser treatment in the Reading, Pennsylvania, area, call us at (610) 880-8265 or fill out our online contact form.