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Acne in Your 30s or Older? Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Posted in Acne and Acne Scarring

Profile photo of a woman with adult acne on her cheekHaving acne as a teenager is bad enough, so why do some of us have to suffer from acne well into adulthood? Acne in your 30s or older is usually caused by hormones, which can continue to fluctuate for many years past adolescence. If you have acne as an adult, one of the best things you can do for yourself is take a relaxing day trip to the Spa at Spring Ridge to soothe your irritated skin, erase your blemishes, and restore a clear complexion.

Why Adults Get Acne

Adult acne is usually caused by hormone fluctuations. Adult women are more likely to have acne than men because their hormone levels tend to fluctuate more dramatically. Some women develop acne alongside their menstrual cycle and find that blemishes appear a few days before their period on a regular basis. Women may also find that acne worsens during pregnancy or menopause. In addition to hormones, other causes of adult acne include stress, poor diet, hereditary factors, medications, makeup, and poor skin care habits.

Dealing With Adult Acne

Hormonal acne is usually characterized by deeper acne cysts that tend to scar. Some affected adults may turn to harsh, drying cleansers to treat their condition, but over-the-counter scrubs are usually a poor choice for acne treatment. It is best to use gentle cleansers, avoid excess sun exposure, minimize contact to the affected areas, use oil-free and noncomedogenic makeup, and regularly wash all makeup brushes and applicators. Sometimes hormone treatments and at-home acne medications can help manage adult acne.

Spa Treatments for Adult Acne

Our luxurious spa treatments here at the Spa at Spring Ridge can soothe, calm, and clear irritated, acne-prone skin. A wide range of acne treatments allows our specialists to work with you to design the ideal treatment regimen for your skin type. We offer a variety of acne facials, peels, and laser treatments to cleanse, renew, soothe, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. There are treatments for all skin types and ages, each created to improve your skin health. In addition to acne treatments, medical needling and laser treatments can improve skin texture by softening and erasing acne scars. With every acne treatment, you can also receive an enhancement to make your treatment even more effective, rejuvenate your face, prevent future acne, and boost absorption of the active ingredients.

If you have adult acne, come to the Spa at Spring Ridge for a relaxing and rejuvenating spa day. We can soothe your irritated skin and help you get your acne under control so that you can have healthy, clear, and youthful skin. Call us at (610) 927-3223 or complete our online contact form to request your appointment today.