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Care for Your Skin During the Winter

Posted in Skin Care

Winter skin care tips

Winter is just around the corner when the snow and cold air will be bombarding our skin to the determent of our appearances. However, the dry cold and external elements are not the only things we should be concerned with when it comes to taking care of our skin and prevent premature aging. As soon as people begin turning on their heat, their skin begins to dry out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what type of heat source is being used, wood, natural gas, oil or electricity. All heat types cause the skin to dry out.

During these winter months it’s important to follow a simple regimen of skin care to help it stay moist and healthy.

1) Consult with a skin care specialists
Find a reputable skin care expert who can help assist you in determining your proper skin type and recommend a quality skin care product line that will respond to it’s use.

2) Moisturize Often
As weather conditions change so does the need to assess the effectiveness of your moisturizer. During the winter it’s important to find an oil-based ointment moisturizer rather than a water based one. The oil creates a protective layer on the skin that helps retain moisture in the form of either a cream or lotion. Care should be taken to find a non-clogging oil based product, like avocado, mineral, primrose, or almond oil. Avoid vegetable shortening oils as they can be very greasy.

3) Use Sunscreen
The concept that the sun is only harmful if it is hot against your skin is false. The winter sun, combined with snow glare can be extremely damaging to your skin. It’s best to apply a board spectrum sun screen about 1/2 hour before going outside. Use frequently if exposed for longer periods of time.

4) Remember you Hands
As concerned as we are about our facial skin and outward appearances, we also need to remember to take care of our hands. The condition of a persons hands are a real factor of determining a person age. The skin on the hands is much thinner than anywhere else on the body, and has fewer natural oils keeping them moist and youthful looking. When possible, were natural product gloves like wool or cotton.

5) Keep your Feet and Hands Dry
Always dry your hands and feet with a soft cloth after getting them wet, and never air-dry them as this can cause cracking, open-sores and eczema.

6) Use a Humidifier
Humidifiers are a relatively inexpensive and effective way to keep moisture in your internal home air.

7) Don’t Forget to Hydrate
Hydration is an important part of staying healthy and youthful looking. Drink as much water as is recommended.

8) Grease your Feet
Find a petroleum jelly or glycerine skin care product for your feet. Use an exfoliant to periodically remove the dead skin and calluses, allowing the moisturizers to penetrate and work faster.

9) Be Cautious of Overdoing Peels
Skin Peels are wonderful at rejuvenating skin to a youthful appearance. However, during the winter months it’s important to let your aesthetician lead you to a treatment that will best suite you during this time.

10) Avoid Super Hot Bathing
Soaking in a hot tub really feels good, especially after coming out of the cold. Unfortunately, intense heat breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin which can lead to moisture loss and dry skin. It’s important to limit your stay in hot bathing to a shorter amount of time.

A bath that is lukewarm, with baking soda or oatmeal, can help sooth skin that is dry and itchy. However, if using a moisturizer or any of the previous techniques still doesn’t help then it’s important to consult with a qualified skin care specialist or visit your Dermatologist.