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Cryogenic Skin Care Treatments

Cryogenic Skin Care treatments utilize specially designed technology for precision cosmetic and therapeutic treatment.

If you have unwanted lesions, wrinkles or inadequately hydrated skin, then non-invasive, non-painful Cryogenic Skin Care treatment might be the best solution. Consult with the Spa at Spring Ridge to weigh the benefits and potential risks.


CryoBoost is a cryo-based topical skin treatment that serves as an alternative to laser treatments. CryoBoost uses carefully calibrated freezing temperatures to improve and tighten skin texture, it improves the appearance and health of skin with no side effects or downtime.

CryoBoost is a non-invasive treatment that improves the appearance and hydration of skin. Its cooling technology also stimulates the growth of natural collagen (a protein that is essential to healthy skin tissue) and has longer lasting effects than alternative methods.

Spring Ridge offers CryoBoost as an add-on treatment to facials and other skincare treatments.

CryoLab® Aesthetics Treamtent

CryoLab® Aesthetics is a non-invasive alternative to laser treatments that painlessly removes lesions, sun spots, skin tags and hyperpigmentation.

cryolab aesthetics

What Does CryoLab® Aesthetics Treatment Include?

CryoLab® Aesthetics offers spot treatments that target desired areas with carbon dioxide gas, causing the skin to blister underneath the targeted lesion or spot, allowing a new layer of healthy skin to grow in its place.

What Can I Expect From My CryoLab® Aesthetics Session?

  • Targeted areas will receive 5-to-10 second bursts of cold carbon dioxide (CO2). You may experience momentary sensations of extreme cold but the discomfort passes quickly.
  • Following your treatment, you can return to your usual activities immediately.
  • The treated areas will darken until the top layer flakes off after 7 to 10 days. Any discoloration will soon fade away and your skin will blend perfectly.
  • Keep the treated areas covered with a Band-Aid and wash them daily with a mild cleanser. Avoid baths or swimming until the treated areas have flaked off.

If you think you might be a candidate for Cryogenic Skin Care treatment, make an appointment at the Spa at Spring Ridge by filling out our online contact form or calling for your free consultation today.