Body Treatments

Body treatments detoxify, hydrate and rejuvenate your body. After the products have a chance to penetrate, you will have access to our luxurious raindrop shower followed by the application of a moisturizing lotion or hydrating mist.

D-Age Body Treatment

45 min $85
Experience this unbelievable skin hydration and firming. A full body exfoliation with our scrub begins this highly nourishing and damage reversing treatment. Next, you are treated to an application of our warm body masque full of moisturizing ingredients that will satisfy even the dryest of skin. While your skin is wrapped, the body absorbs the nutrients and intensive anti-oxidants. You will receive a scalp massage and face massage to help you unwind into a calm relaxed state along with a skin hydration to finish off this firming and restorative treatment.

Body Strategist Body Wrap Rebalancing Organic Body Treatment

60 min $90
Melt away the stresses of the hectic, outside world with this soothing and toning signature treatment. Enjoy a body exfoliation with our body scrub polish; our nourishing mask is gently applied to your body with long flowing massage strokes for complete coverage and absorption. Our “stretch mark” complex is then applied to customize the treatment to your specific needs. Relax while you are draped in the Body Strategist Body Wrap sheets while your therapist performs a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage. You will then be escorted to our raindrop shower where your body will be hydrated, rendering your skin nourished, toned and glowing.

Monticelli Mud Reducing and Detoxifying Treatment

60 min $90
Ideal for body toning and shaping, this luxurious, redefining mud aids in reducing cellulite, firming the skin, and refining its contours. The mud is applied, which increases metabolism and firms the tissues. Next, a cellulite massage of specific areas aids in removing toxic deposits, which cause the “orange peel” look. You are then hydrated with a moisturizer that purifies, firms, and increases collagen formation. This treatment is great if done in a series of treatments. A reduction of inches is noticeable if home care is added to your treatment routine.

Body Polish Smoothie

45 min $85
Enjoy soft and luxurious skin with a Body Polish Smoothie. Like a facial for the body, this unique treatment involves natural shell grains which are gently massaged into the skin to exfoliate, revealing softer and more radiant skin. You will then be lead to our raindrop shower to rinse. Following your rinse, enjoy a nourishing hydration treatment, rich in candlenut oils, to enhance the softness of your skin.

Mocha Latte Body Scrub

60 min $80
Awaken and rejuvenate with our coffee scented body scrub made with fresh Indonesian coffee beans to exfoliate and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Next, you will be surrounded in cocoa scents as a chocolate mask is applied to enhance circulation and stimulate the central nervous system. This scrub is packed with antioxidants for the skin to improve circulation, stimulate the senses, and enhance firmness of the skin.

Environ Age Management Body Treatment

60 min $95
This hydrating and exfoliating treatment consists of the gentle removal of dry skin cells, followed by a penetrating massage of oils and creams containing Vitamins A, C, E and Betacarotene. A seaweed masque remineralizes, tones and smoothes the skin. This luxurious renewal treatment provides intense hydration, tightening, firming and regeneration of new healthy skin. The result is a more youthful, smooth and rehydrated body.

Body Contour Treatment

75 min $110
A luxurious and powerful treatment that smoothes skin texture and helps to improve the appearance of cellulite. Botanical oils and clay, infused with minerals, vitamins, and fine grains of kaolin, combine to cleanse, exfoliate, and soften the skin. Firm massage and deep penetration of a body sculpturing gel help to increase lymphatic drainage and boost circulation to assist with reducing fluid retention, eliminating toxins, and increasing the breakdown of excess fat. This treatment will, almost immediately, help to firm, condition, and smooth out the uneven look of dimpled “orange peel” skin and cellulite. For best results, a series of 4 treatments plus home care is recommended.

Restorative Antioxidant Body Treatment

60 min $90
More than a luxurious application of body lotion, this treatment will begin to address the signs of photodamage, aging and lax skin. After a gentle cleansing, an application of lactic acid is applied to assist in product absorption, then a blend of vitamin A, C, and E, and additional antioxidants are massaged into the skin. For those area that are particularly vulnerable to sun damage an additional masque is applied to enhance the results of this restorative treatment.

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