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Pre- and Post-Op Skin Care

How Can Skin Care Products Benefit My Pre- and Post-Op Journey?

The Spa at Spring Ridge is devoted to offering a wide variety of the leading brands of skin care and physician-recommended products that both women and men can use before and after a cosmetic procedure to obtain a better cosmetic outcome. The products suggested will help in preparing and recovering from plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures including face lift, laser skin resurfacing, breast augmentation, neck lift, abdominoplasty and liposuction.

Among the featured skin care and anti-aging products, our brands include Obagi®, GLYTONE, ENVIRON®, and SkinCeuticals as well as numerous other top skin care product lines and physician recommended products.

The use of specialized pre- and post-op skin care products and treatment will prepare the skin and body for faster healing from a cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedure and allow the skin to have better reaction to the trauma associated with a cosmetic procedure. Following a pre- and post-op skin care program that involves application of specialized products can help speed up your recovery, healing and reduce the appearance of symptoms. Common symptoms include bruising, discoloration, hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin), milia (small, white, cyst like formations), erythema (redness of skin due to dilation of capillaries), itching, dryness, and tightness.

Dr. Schlechter truly believes that our products prepare skin, promote healing, shorten recovery, reduce symptoms and help obtain a better cosmetic outcome.

The ultimate goal of healthy, beautiful skin is what we strive for at The Spa at Spring Ridge as well as Spring Ridge Plastic Surgery, (formerly Proserpi-Schlechter Center for Plastic Surgery). Complete aesthetic enhancement includes the surface and texture of the skin. Smooth healthy skin can be achieved through specific care programs customized to each patient’s individual needs. Our comprehensive skin care services give our patients the best opportunity to maintain their rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

Pre- & Post-Surgical Skin Care

Pre-surgical skin care helps to improve the healing process and minimize bleeding and bruising. Soft, hydrated and clean skin looks, heals and functions better after surgery. For dry, dehydrated, thickened or impure skin, a program of peels and facials will clear the skin and make it function more effectively. If the skin is normal, one or two pre surgical facials combined with a home program of skin care products designed to get your skin in the best shape possible for your surgery. Post surgical skin care continues the benefits of the pre-surgical program, keeping your skin in an environment conducive to healing. Post-surgical facial treatments can usually be performed from the 10th to 14th day following most surgeries. The doctor will advise you on the best timetable for treatment. The treatment will likely include a mild exfoliation and a lymphatic drainage massage to hasten the removal of cell debris, swelling and bruising by stimulating the body’s natural removal system.

Corrective Camouflage Makeup

Specialized camouflage makeup products can help you conceal the vestiges of bruising and discoloration, get you out and about, and feeling better sooner. The goal of camouflage makeup is to neutralize the color of the affected area with a complementary (opposite) color to even out the skin tone. The camouflage products can be combined with your regular makeup routine for the most natural results. Camouflage products can usually be introduced after the 10th post surgical day in most cases. Your doctor will advise you on the best timetable for you.

Enhancement Makeup is a terrific way to embellish your surgical results. Enhancement makeup is most beneficial beginning from about the 3rd week post-surgically. You can make an appointment for a makeup application at that time, or any time you need an update.

Scar Management

Scars are an inevitable consequence of a healing wound. They may be very hard to see and almost invisible, but they are still there. The art of the plastic surgeon is to make the scar as microscopic as possible, such as hiding the scar in inconspicuous areas, optimal orientation of the scar and meticulous suture techniques. There are several strategies to minimize the prominence of scars, including post-surgical/scar tissue reduction massage.

Applying pressure on a scar is known to flatten it and prevent it from raising. Pressure can be applied by massaging the scarred area with specific professional techniques. Massaging is most effective when it is done often, for long periods of time, and with firmness.

Scar Management Products

Our highly trained aestheticians can guide you in the right direction in treating most types of scars. There are specific products that can be used pre op such as vitamin A and post op such as AHA’s and a healing vitamin E oil to smooth and lighten the appearance of the scars.

Ultraviolet Light Avoidance

Sunlight damages skin and damages healing wounds. Healing wounds exposed to the sun will tend to glow red and may even hyperpigment (suntan darkly). After the wound has healed application of sun block is essential. This sun block may be contained in a cosmetic and used for camouflage of the healing wound.


Scars will improve with time. Sutures may be removed at one or two weeks but the process of wound healing to full scar maturation is six months to two years. Areas on the face will fade quickly, other areas will be slower. The management of scars is a war of attrition not a single battle. Patience is a great virtue when it comes to scars and their maturation.

Laser Treatment

Lasers are not a magic wand. However they can be effective tools under the right circumstance to reduce the redness of scars and in certain circumstances to be used as a resurfacing tool to fade scars into the surrounding tissue.