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Do You Know What Is In Your Beauty Products?

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Woman using suncream

Woman using suncream

If you take a quick walk through the beauty section of any major store you will probably notice that professional grade beauty products are being sold for far lower prices than what you can find at the local salon or spa. These products appear the same, but most actually feature ingredients you would not expect. Ingredients that ARE NOT the same!

Customers take a risk in purchasing such products from the store, opting to save a bit of money at the expense of their own skin or bodies.

Why Use Preservatives?

A lot of beauty products make use of various preservatives these days. Manufacturers make use of these chemical preservatives for consumer protection and efficacy. They are not required in every single product on store shelves, but most feature them in some form or another. Products with no water, such as oil-based lip balms, use preservatives to extend their shelf life and prevent any microbial growth from occurring. This growth could lead to an infection in the consumer, should they use the product.

What Are Diverted Goods?

Diverted products are often sold in places where they would be otherwise considered “unauthorized.” Within the beautification industry, manufacturers tend to sell their products exclusively to professional spas or salons. These products should not be found within just any store.

Diverted products are often diluted, expired, and sometimes even counterfeit. Should this be the case, the consumer should call the manufacturer immediately. Most companies do not want to anger their customer, so they will handle any diverted products carefully and quickly. After all, such “unauthorized” beauty products are bad for business for everyone.

Should you have any further questions on diverted products or what goes into making a beauty product, give us a call at (610) 927-3223.