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How Can CryoLab® Aesthetics Help You?

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Sun spots, age spots, skin tags, and hyperpigmentation can develop at any time. While these are harmless, they are often unsightly and unwanted.

If you are interested in a non-invasive, non-painful way to remove these lesions, tags, and spots, CryoLab® Aesthetics may be the answer.

CryoLab® is a cryo-based alternative to laser treatments that address topical skin concerns.

Cold therapy, like CryoLab® offers many skincare benefits.

Cold therapy, like CryoLab® offers many skincare benefits.

How Does Cryo Work?

Cryogenics is the production and study of very low temperatures. CryoLab® Aesthetics is a spot treatment that uses extreme temperatures to freeze and destroy the targeted tissue without harming the surrounding tissue.

CryLab® Aesthetics uses carbon dioxide gas to treat targeted areas. When this gas is applied to the skin, it causes a blister to develop beneath the spot or lesion. New, healthy skin forms underneath this blister and causes the blister and damaged skin above it to peel off.

What Areas Can CryoLab® Treat?

CryLab® Aesthetics uses freezing CO2 gas to reduce or remove the appearance of unwanted spots on the:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decollete
  • Hands

Is the CryoLab® Different Than Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy has been gaining popularity and recognition in recent years. While the concept and theory behind these treatments are the same (using gas at freezing temperatures as a treating or healing agent), they target different body regions. CryoLab® Aesthetics offers a non-invasive option for age spots and skin tags.

CryoLab® offers spot treatments for undesirable lesions, pigmentation concerns, and skin tags.

Cryotherapy is usually a full-body treatment that is used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety and depression, and alleviate migraine symptoms.

What Can I Expect When I Arrive At My CryoLab® Session?

The portable CryLab® Aesthetics machine can target one or many skin lesions during a single session, and the CryoLab® usually only requires one visit, unlike other non-surgical skin resurfacing technologies that require multiple sessions.

Before the cold CO2 gas is administered, your skin will be treated with a hyaluronic acid serum that will moisturize the area.

Then, short five- or 10-second bursts of cold CO2 are applied to the lesion, spot, or skin tag with the CryoLab® wand. As this process involves carbon dioxide gas that is well below freezing, you may experience a momentary, intense cold sensation. This discomfort will resolve shortly.

Once all of the skin concerns have been treated, you are free to go back to your usual routine.

How Long Does It Take to Heal from CryoLab®?

CryoLab® Aesthetics is a spot treatment that removes many skin concerns with little discomfort and no downtime. You can return to your regular activities immediately following your treatment.

You should keep the treatment areas covered with a Band-Aid and wash the areas daily with a mild cleanser.  While the treatment area can get wet after the treatment, you should avoid baths or swimming until the area has flaked off.

The treated spots will darken initially, and the top layer of skin will begin to flake off after seven to 10 days. Most patients see their results following this peeling process. The skin may appear pink at first, but it will soon fade to match the surrounding skin.

Interested in CryoLab® Aesthetics?

If you are interested in learning more about cryo technology or you think that the CryoLab® may be right for you, contact the Spa at Spring Ridge by filling out our online contact form.

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