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Slim Down Without the Sweat and Tears

Posted in Non-Surgical Fat Reduction, SculpSure®, truSculpt®

Attaining a slim figure is a top priority for many men and women. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most challenging things to achieve. Busy lives, poor diets, and genetics all work against you and your ideal physique. Often, individuals do not have the time needed to spend at the gym, and these same busy schedules lead many individuals to diets that are far from ideal. Even if you can take the time to exercise and eat right, there is no guarantee that your hard work and sweat will pay off. Genetics can get in the way of even the most diligent individual, and some pockets of fat are resistant to any amount of diet and exercise. If you are frustrated about not seeing the results you want, fat reduction procedures like SculpSure® and truSculpt® may be able to help.

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Non-surgical Body Contouring

The Spa at Spring Ridge offers two different options for non-surgical fat reduction. Non-surgical body contouring offers what a gym membership cannot guarantee: the noticeable reduction of diet and exercise-resistant fat. While SculpSure® and truSculpt® are both non-surgical procedures that do not require incisions, significant downtime, or an extensive recovery period, they utilize different technologies to heat and destroy unwanted fat cells.

Laser Technology

SculpSure® uses lasers to heat the fatty tissue layer. This laser heat is administered through the SculpSure® handpiece that is placed directly on the treatment area. The heat damages the fat cells, causing them to break down before they are naturally eliminated from the body. Most patients can experience up to a 25 percent reduction in fat over a series of sessions.  

Radiofrequency Energy

Although they arrive at the same result, radiofrequency energy is an alternative to laser heat. TruSculpt® uses radiofrequency to heat the underlying fatty tissues to break down unwanted fat cells. Like SculpSure®, the damaged fat cells are then naturally eliminated from the body. Most patients see dramatic improvements within two to four truSculpt® sessions.

Lasting Results

Both of these treatments naturally destroy fat cells. The fat cells removed from the body will not return since everyone is born with a set amount of fat cells that cannot be multiplied or reproduced. These treatments allow for lasting fat reduction as long as the results are maintained. Just because some of the fat cells are gone for good, the remaining fat cells can still grow if a healthy lifestyle is not followed. Both of these treatments provide noticeable fat reduction and skin tightening on the abdomen, flanks, back, buttocks, and thighs.

To learn more about the benefits of SculpSure® and truSculpt®, contact The Spa at Spring Ridge by calling (610) 927-3223 or by filling out our online contact form.