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The 411 on Rosacea

Posted in Skin Care

Is your skin red and swollen? The reason why could be more common than you think.

Do you suffer from Rosacea or know someone who does. Rosacea is an extremely common chronic disorder we see in our spa often. Most people don’t know what it is, how to treat it, or even if they have it. Rosacea is often times mistaken for another skin condition, for example (acne, or sunburn.) It is incurable but it can be treated to control symptoms.

What are symptoms of Rosacea?

  • Redness and swelling experienced on the cheeks, chin, nose and/or fore head.
  • Visible small blood vessels on the face.
  • Bumps or pimples on the face.

Did you know most times Rosacea begins after age 30? Sometimes it can even become a culprit on the neck, chest, and even ears. The condition can occur over a long period of time and progresses to a constant redness.

What causes Rosacea? The cause is a mystery; researchers believe it is a mix between genetics and environmental factors which tends to progress with age.

Is Rosacea contagious? No. It is believed antibiotics work against Rosacea symptoms because of their anti inflammatory effect. There is no evidence to support Rosacea spreading through contact with the skin or airbone.

What are some treatments to treat Rosacea? Again Rosacea isn’t curable but it can certainly be treated. We recommend a monthly facial and laser treatments to tone down the appearance of redness in the skin and create a more even skin tone.

Are there products to treat Rosacea? Yes, at The Spa At Spring Ridge we have a few products that are great for our clients with Rosacea.

  • Comfort Zone- Skin Resonance Cream is great for sensitive and redness prone skin.
  • Avene- Redness Relief Dermo-Cleansing Milk is formulated specifically for redness prone skin, it will calm while cleansing.
  • Circadia Rose-Ease Relief Cream will help calm redness while helping control the demodex mite which is thought to one cause of Rosacea.

If you have Rosacea there are some things you can do to minimize your exposure to anything that would make you have a flare up. Some of these things are:

  • Wear an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Protect your face in the dry winter. A scarf or a mask is ideal.
  • Don’t rub or touch your skin too much that will irritate it.
  • Use a gentle cleanser.
  • Try to manage your stressors.
  • The heat effects Rosacea, so try not to take hot baths or partake in heavy exercise.

If you or someone you know has Rosacea call (610) 880-8265 and schedule a consultation. Our highly trained Aestheticians will get you on the path to managing your skin ailment today.