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Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, and Brad Pitt all have this in common and so can you!

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Celebrities always have the best skin! Do you ever wonder if there is a way for you to achieve celebrity glowing skin? One of the newest trending beauty secrets of the stars is Derma Pen Needling. Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and many other celebrities love Micro Needling. The Derma Pen has recognized through vast ranges as the Gold standard in Micro- Needling technology. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Derma Pen Needling.

What does Derma Pen Micro- Needling do? Micro-Needling helps with fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, minimizes pigmentation, and makes your skin tone more uniform and consistent.

How does the Micro- Needling work? Tiny microscopic needle wounds are created which tells the body to respond by creating new collagen. By creating new collagen your skin is being plumped and thickened creating a more youthful look.

Are there any side effects of this procedure? No side effects have ever been reported with over 150,000 procedures administered in the world. Even post-op infections are very unlikely being how the tiny wounds close within one hour after the procedure.

What parts of the body can the Micro- Needling be performed? The scalp, face, fragile skin, body, neck, and mouth are all areas that the Micro Needling can be performed.

Should certain ethnicities be careful with using Micro-Needling? No, one of the greatest things about the Micro-Needling is it can be used on any skin type or ethnicity. Lasers, although rare can cause hyperpigmentation on darker skin types.

Who should not receive Micro-Needling treatments?

  • People who have used Accutane in the past three months.
  • If you have any cuts or open wounds you do not want to Micro-Needle that area.
  • People who have had radiation treatments in the past year.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Anyone with a skin infection.
  • If you are subject to poor wound healing

The Spa At Spring Ridge offers Derma Pen Needling and we love it! Come in for a free consultation and see if the Derma Pen is right for you. If needed a more aggressive form of needling can be performed by Spring Ridge Plastic Surgery. Needling will help stimulate your collagen for glowing, younger looking skin. Who doesn’t want that! Now you don’t need to be a star to have celebrity glowing skin.