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Reverse and Erase Sun Damage

Posted in Skin Care

Reverse & erase sun damageSummer is upon us and the sun is out! I’m sure you are doing all you can to protect your skin against future sun damage, but protecting against future sun damage doesn’t remove the past. Some of you may believe there is nothing you can do about the past damage. I’m here to give you good news, there is a solution! Even if you didn’t protect your skin most of your life, once you do, you can stop additional damage from happening and work on reversing the previous. Let’s get into some ways to reverse that damage!

Exfoliation, but do it right. The object of exfoliation is to smooth the skin by removing the dead cells, and creating a nice glow. If you are using an at home exfoliant, be careful not to use apricot scrubs or anything to abrasive to the skin for this can cause tiny micro-tears in the skin. Also, you want to make sure you aren’t exfoliating every day. If your skin is really sensitive stick to once a week, if your skin is a little tougher you can do up to three times a week. Chemical exfoliation is more results oriented and more even because it dissolves the dead skin cells rather than scrubbing them off.

Get rid of those brown spots. Your brown spots can be a thing of the past with a few different options. The most effective without a doubt is a laser treatment called IPL which stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This laser will attract the browns in the skin, and then the browns will flake off. It may take a few treatments depending on how deep your sun damage is. Another option is invest in take home products, you can use the products in conjunction to the IPL treatments or by themselves. Vitamin C is great for pigmentation and browns in the skin we love Obagi’s C Clarifying Serum, it also has an ingredient called Hydroquinone which helps lighten and brighten the skin. Not to mention Vitamin C is an antioxidant which will protect your skin against damaging “free radicals”.

After doing these treatments to reverse sun damage to your skin, you will want to continue to protect your skin even more from the sun’s damaging rays. Make sure to apply your SPF every two hours and apply it at least 30 minutes before exposure. Say hello to clear skin, and goodbye sun damage!