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How to Make the Most of Your Massage Experience

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Massage ExperienceWhen you schedule your next massage, the last thing you want is to remember to do anything but relax. However, you can really make the most of your massage experience if you plan ahead. By preparing some information and focusing on your well-being and relaxation, you will experience a much more enjoyable, peaceful, and effective massage.

Take Note of Your Pain

If you notice a slight pain in your neck, make note of it and bring that information with you to the massage. Clients will often get random pains that they tend to forget about when it comes time for a massage. Writing down painful areas you currently have, or a history of past problem areas is incredibly helpful. Discuss areas of concern with your therapist prior to your session. They will be able to concentrate on those painful or tight areas and bring you relief. Also make sure to share the level of pressure you prefer prior to your massage to make it an enjoyable and productive experience.

Establish a Routine

Massages are often looked at as treats or luxuries. However, if you are having severe back and neck pain associated with tight muscles, massage is a necessary treatment. There are many studies that point to the incredible impact that massage can have on both the reduction in stress and decrease in inflammation. In fact, in 2007, the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society included massage as one of their recommendations for treating lower back pain. One study in particular found that when a small group received massage after exercise, it led to a decreased production of cytokines, a compound that causes inflammation and pain. The massage also stimulated cell recovery, giving the participants two very important benefits for healing.

It can be hard to address muscle pain and tightness in just one session. It is important to discuss a course of action with your therapist so you can receive the cumulative benefits of regular massage. After going regularly, you will quickly see how a routine can benefit you both physically and emotionally.

Relax Before, Relax After

To truly get the most out of your massage experience, try to schedule your session during a day of relaxation. Wind down prior to your session by listening to some relaxing music, lighting an aromatherapy candle, or just reading a book quietly. While In the massage, turn off your cell phone and try to clear your mind of the day’s stressful shuffle. After your session, drink plenty of water and leave time to meditate on your experience.

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