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Which Laser Is Best for Acne Scars?

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When you were a teenager, preventing or managing your acne was probably very important to you. Most people believe that acne will disappear once they pass their teenage years, but unfortunately, for some this is not the case, and acne continues to be an issue as they age. Acne and the resulting scars plague teenagers and adults alike, and there is not much that one can do to prevent them from occurring. Stress, diet, and hormones stimulate acne, and often, these factors are out of your control. While many treatments can help manage your existing acne, it is not easy finding ways to remove acne scars. Laser treatment is one of the few effective options. The Spa at Spring Ridge is proud to offer two laser treatments that can handle those pesky scars.

Man with Severe Acne Scars

What Causes Acne Scars?

No matter your age, keeping your hands away from a pimple is anything but easy, and this practice often causes trouble. Everyone is taught that picking acne is what results in scars. While this is true, it is not the only way for a pesky temporary issue to become a long-term one. Acne scars occur when an inflamed acne lesion develops deep in the skin, and healthy tissue is destroyed. This can happen even when you do not squeeze or pop your pimples. Even though your body heals the lesion, the scar tissue that is created is never as smooth as undamaged skin, and therefore acne scars are born.

What Can You Do About Scars?

Since acne scars develop due to damaged tissue, treatment needs to revolve around repairing that damage. Laser treatments penetrate the dermis to stimulate collagen production and heal damage from the inside out. Cosmetic lasers are available in both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths. Ablative lasers damage the upper layers of the skin so that they peel off and reveal healthier tissue underneath. While these allow for deep skin rejuvenation, they require five to seven days of downtime and minimal discomfort. Non-ablative lasers penetrate the dermis without removing the same amount of skin, allowing treatment to be more comfortable and the recovery to be quicker. The Spa at Spring Ridge offers two types of non-ablative lasers.

Icon™ 1540

This fractional non-ablative laser uses a handheld device to administer microbeams of light. This laser penetrates multiple layers of skin at one time so that collagen production is stimulated and new, healthy tissue is created.

PicoSure® FOCUS™ Lens Array

PicoSure® FOCUS™ Lens Array uses two levels of energy to safely and comfortably treat acne scars. This laser uses pulses of light energy to penetrate the dermis and once again stimulate the production of collagen and new tissue.

While these lasers provide effective means for acne scar reduction, they are not a quick fix.

Both of these lasers require a series of two to four or more treatment sessions, and results are gradual.

For more information about these lasers, contact Dr. Schlechter at the Spa at Spring Ridge to set up a consultation by calling (610) 927-3223 or by filling out our online contact form.