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Give Me Glowing Smooth Skin Again!

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Smooth skin
Exfoliating the face and body is important to help get rid of the dead layers of skin. When we age our cell turnover slows which dulls our complexion, it is recommended to exfoliate once or twice a week. NOT EVERY DAY! Removing the dead layers of skin will allow you’re your moisturizing products to penetrate better into your skin. Your makeup will lay smoother on the skin as well!


What tools should I use to exfoliate the body? It is recommended to ditch the loofah or wash cloth for the body and try a dry brush and exfoliating gloves.

How do I use the dry brush? Use outside the shower and brush from head to toe, starting at the feet and working up. Then rinse in the shower.

How do I use the exfoliating gloves? Put your exfoliant on your exfoliating gloves and work in a circular motion in the shower.

Professional body treatments are available at The Spa At Spring Ridge to give your body a smooth and moisturized glow. We offer several different types depending on the prime concern you have with your skin. Is your skin is just dry and rough, or you are looking for a detoxifying treatment? We have the perfect body treatment for you.


How do I exfoliate my face? Once or twice a week, use your hands to rub the exfoliant in circular motions on the face. Then rinse with warm, not hot water.

What type of exfoliant should I use? Use gentle exfoliants for the face, abrasive ones like apricot scrub will cause little micro tears in the skin.

Can I use my body exfoliator on my face? No the skin on your face is more sensitive than your body. Body exfoliators are too rough.

Is Microdermabrasion a good way to exfoliate my skin? If you are looking for a more effective exfoliant you can try microderm. We love pairing microderm to our facials.

Would Chemical Peels be a good option for me? Chemical peels can be gentle or aggressive depending on the peel. They are a great way to exfoliate the skin, ask your Aesthetician if it would be a good option for you.

Our skin is constantly making new skin cells at the lowest layer (dermis) and transitioning them to the surface/ outer layer (epidermis). By exfoliating you will be removing the old skin cells and the new ones will replace them. Just remember don’t over exfoliate. If your skin is sensitive stick to once a week, if you have tougher skin you may do it twice a week. Don’t just exfoliate at home, call now and schedule the perfect body treatment for you!