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For Thicker and Longer Lashes, Latisse is Your Answer!

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Latisse eyelash enhancement reading paA lot of people have heard of Latisse, but it makes sense that they want their questions answered before they try this treatment. In short, Latisse gives you thicker, longer, and darker lashes! It’s the only FDA approved product of its kind, which really speaks to how effective it is. You see, as men and women age, our lashes thin out and become more sparse. Latisse aids in thickening them while giving them length.

Questions and Answers About Latisse

1. How do I use Latisse?  This product is applied by you at night on the base of your upper lashes, usually one drop. Make sure you don’t have contacts in or makeup on during this application. If you need to use your contacts, make sure to wait 15 minutes after the application of Latisse to put them back in your eyes.

2. Can Latisse change my eye color? The possible occurrence of this is rare, but Latisse can create an increase in the brown pigmentation on the colored part of your eye.

3. Can Latisse harm my eyes? No. If the product gets into your eyes, it shouldn’t cause any harm or pain.

4. How soon will I see results? You can expect to see a gradual growth; some people notice the longer lashes after one month. The full results are reported to occur after four months of application.

5. Will Latisse replace the need for mascara? No. Latisse is a treatment for lengthening, thickening, and darkening eyelashes, but we recommend you still continue mascara use.

6. Who should not use Latisse? If you are under doctor supervision for Glaucoma or have existing eye conditions, we suggest you speak to your doctor before using Latisse.

7. What happens to my eyelashes if I stop Latisse? Your eyelashes, should you discontinue Latisse, will go back to their original length and thickness.

Make Latisse Part of Your Nightly Routine

Start using Latisse nightly, possibly even on the same schedule as when you brush your teeth. This ensures the application happens at the right time daily. Once you get the lashes you desire (around 8-16 weeks), you can move onto just maintenance use of Latisse. This means using it periodically as needed, about 3x a week.

Consider Latisse to get the eyelashes you’ve always wanted and dreamed of. For more information, contact the Spa at Spring Ridge at [phone].