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SculpSure®: Looking Your Best Has Never Been Easier

Posted in Fat Reduction

Sculpsure: looking your best has never been easierThe Spa at Spring Ridge is thrilled to announce that we are offering a revolutionary new non-invasive fat loss procedure called SculpSure®. Technology in the non-invasive body contouring arena has evolved through many different machines to finally arrive at SculpSure®. The Spa at Spring Ridge is always on the cutting-edge when it comes to the latest and greatest in cosmetic procedures. We are happy to inform all our clients of this new method that can finally give you the body you have always dreamed of without all the risks of invasive surgery.

What Is SculpSure®?

SculpSure® is a procedure that uses a laser above the skin to disrupt the fat cells that are just below the surface. Over time the body disposes of the fat cells that have been targeted by the laser. If you’ve been working out and just can’t seem to get rid of those pockets of fat, SculpSure may be able to help.

What Is the Procedure Like?

The procedure is very simple and causes minimal discomfort to the patient. It typically takes approximately half an hour to perform the treatment. While the laser is quite warm, the SculpSure® device has a cooling mechanism that cools the skin at the same time. Patients have described the procedure as surprisingly comfortable.

What Results Can I Expect?

Results from SculpSure® can be seen in as little as six weeks, but full results aren’t seen until six months. Many people saw a 25% fat reduction in the areas treated after the first treatment. If the final results aren’t as dramatic as you wanted, you can do a second treatment without issue.

If you are interested in the new SculpSure® procedure, contact the Spa at Spring Ridge today. Call [phone] to book your initial consultation with us.