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The New Epidemic You Have Never Thought Of

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Text NeckEpidemic of text neck

  • The human head weighs approximately 12 pounds. When your neck bends forward (or down), the weight increases. When your head is bent at a 60-degree angle, it increases to 60 pounds!
  • Texting requires us to tilt our head down, which the majority of people do every day for hours with their smartphones.
  • Researchers say that over time the poor posture associated with texting can lead to early wear and tear on the spine and result in possibly needing surgery.
  • In a year’s worth of time according to research, people are putting between 700-1400 hours of stress on their spines and necks. Adolescents are even worse with up to an extra 5000 hours of stress on their spines.
  • Are you part of the younger generation? In one study it is said that 77 percent of teenagers ages 12-17 own a cell phone. Teenagers are at the most risk for this epidemic since they are growing up with smartphones.
  • The risk of “text neck” is at 58% for all American adults who use smartphones.
  • Do you think poor posture only affects the spine? Experts say that poor posture can reduce lung capacity by up to 30%. It has also been linked to headaches, neurological issues, depression, and heart disease.
  • Notice that when you are receiving a text, are you holding your breath? It may sound silly, but a study was done in 2009 that found that people who text hold their breath when they receive a text message. Holding your breath can create a heightened stress response, which will make you more susceptible to experience pain. Try to breathe regularly when you are texting.

Tips to avoid Text Neck

  • Look down with your eye; do not bend your neck.
  • Stretch your neck back and forth, or around in a slow circle.
  • Strengthen your muscles in your chest and back for better posture.
  • Try “chin tucks” when using your phone. While looking forward, tuck your chin into your neck.
  • Try just looking up. Look up by lifting your chin towards the ceiling.)
  • Do shoulder blade squeezes. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. This will open up your chest. Do this exercise in groups of 30, once or twice daily.
  • Invest in receiving regular massages.

The research recorded regarding “text neck” was surprising. It makes you more conscious when using your smartphone to prevent future, and current strain on the neck. To schedule a massage, contact us at the Spa at Spring Ridge today.  Call (610) 927-3223 for more information.