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Truth About Stretch Marks

Posted in Skin Care

Truth about stretch marksMany women and men suffer stretch marks even celebrities! Tearing of the dermis is what causes these awful ugly marks. The dermis supports our skin and gives the skin its elasticity. Elasticity is what allows our skin to stretch, and return to normal shape. Often stretch marks appear due to growing rapidly, or rapid weight gain. Some other examples of normal stretch mark occurrences are pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, steroid use, genetics, as well as nutritional deficiency. There are several treatment options to diminish the appearance of the marks. There have been many discussions over what stretch mark products or treatments actually work. The treatments available are creams, laser, and prescription retinoids. Let’s talk about the different treatment options.


Prescription Retin-A or Tazorac creams and gels stimulate collagen in the skin which will help improve stretch marks over time. The pink and red marks are the only ones that will fade, the grey or white marks are mature, and treatment will not be effective. The truth is you can only diminish the marks not make them disappear. Products containing cocoa butter, vitamin e, and glycolic acid aren’t harmful, but they aren’t proven to be very effective in the treatment of stretch marks.


Laser stretch mark treatment is suitable for any skin type (Very light-Very dark). Your provider will use fractional laser technology. Stretch marks are broken down by laser technology, triggering new tissue production while diminishing stretch mark color. The production of the new collagen will create a smoother texture and reduce the appearance of the stretch mark. With most laser treatments you will need more than one treatment. The results are excellent with this laser with minimal downtime.

Are you unsure if you have stretch marks? They don’t all look alike. The look of the stretch marks varies on how long you have had them, what caused them, and where they are located on your body. Your stretch marks could be indented streaks on the skin, multiple colored streaks (pink, red, or purple), or bright streaks that in time fade. The areas that most commonly get stretch marks are the breasts, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

The best way to reduce the likelihood of getting stretch marks is to maintain a healthy weight and no yo-yo dieting. Removing stretch marks is never a quick fix, so patience is required for the desired result. Call the Spa at Spring Ridge today for more information at [phone].