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Microneedling for Acne

Posted in Acne and Acne Scarring, Microneedling

Woman face before and after acne treatment procedureEven though acne is commonly referred to as a “teenage” problem, most of us know that acne tends to stick with us long after high school. Acne flare-ups can occur in our twenties, thirties, and beyond. From the redness to the bumps to the resulting scars, acne is a devious threat to the appearance and quality of our skin. Millions of people suffer from acne, which is why stores stock their shelves with medicated soaps and creams designed to battle this annoying and embarrassing problem. However, over-the-counter skin care is not your only option. Here at The Spa at Spring Ridge, we are proud to offer microneedling to treat both acne flare-ups and acne scars.

What Causes Acne?

Diet, stress, hormones, and genetics all have the power to affect your skin and cause breakouts. Acne forms when your pores become clogged with oil and dirt. While you may be able to manage some of these factors, such as your diet and stress levels, others, such as hormones and genetics, are out of your control. No matter the cause, acne can quickly impact your self-esteem and self-image and can put a cloud over any day.

How Can Microneedling Help?

Microneedling is used to treat many skin concerns, including acne. This procedure creates tiny “wounds” on the damaged facial skin, which stimulate the production of collagen and the growth of healthy skin cells. Newly produced collagen and melanin replace the damaged cells that cause acne, leaving you with smoother, healthier-looking skin. The Spa at Spring Ridge offers Collagen P.I.N. needling for treating acne and acne scars. This treatment surpasses previous microneedling systems because it has more needles to better enhance the quality of the results. With microneedling, acne really can be a thing of the past.