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Why You MUST Indulge in Body Treatments

Posted in Skin Care

Why you must indulge in body treatmentsGlowing, moisturized, and smooth skin are just some of the incredible benefits a body treatment can provide. There are so many different types of body treatments, and every spa offers special options. In the winter, our skin is dry, dead, and flaky so why not try a solution that is also a relaxing experience? At The Spa At Spring Ridge, we offer a variety of body treatments to fit your specific body goals.

D-Age Body Treatment

Hydration and firming are the primary goals of D-Age body treatment. A full body exfoliation begins this nourishing and damage reversing treatment. Next, a warm body masque full of moisturizing ingredients is applied to satisfy that dry skin. You don’t only get the body treatment with this experience, a scalp and face massage are also administered to help you unwind.

Strategist Body Wrap and Rebalancing Organic Body Treatment

Soothing and toning are what you get when you get when you receive a Strategist Body Wrap and Rebalancing Organic Body Treatment. The first step of this treatment is a full body exfoliation. Then a nourishing masque is applied to your body with long flowing massage strokes. Our “stretch mark” complex is then used to minimize any scars or marks you have present on your skin. A scalp neck and shoulder massage is included within this treatment as well. The masque is removed with our soft, warm towels and your body will be rehydrated, leaving your skin well nourished and toned.

Body Polish Smoothie

Soft and luxurious skin are the main goals of this treatment. We call this unique treatment a facial for your entire body. This treatment involves natural shell grains which are gently used to exfoliate the skin. The Body Polish Smoothie is rinsed off in our gentle raindrop shower. Following your rinse, you will enjoy a nourishing body treatment rich in candlenut oils, to enhance the softness of your skin.

Olive Oil Body Treatment

This treatment is excellent for damaged skin due to its calming effect. Straight from the sea of Galilee containing vitamin E and an antioxidant that counteracts free radicals while delaying aging is our nourishing Olive Oil Body Treatment. First, your skin is exfoliated with an olive scrub and soap that contains large particles of crushed olive pits which make the skin smoother and softer. Our luxurious warm towels remove the scrub. Slight massage work is then administered to work the deeply nourishing olive oil body butter into the skin.

Mocha Latte Body Scrub

Are you feeling tired? Awaken and rejuvenate with our coffee scented scrub made with fresh Indonesian coffee beans to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. This scrub is packed with antioxidants to improve circulation, stimulate your senses, and enhance the firmness of the skin. Following the scrub, you will be surrounded by cocoa scents as a chocolate masque is applied. The masque improves circulation and stimulates the central nervous system.

Skin Regimen Body Treatment

Get ready for the holistic approach to longevity through this unique full body treatment! Superfoods like chia seeds, spinach extract, and maqui berries plus the use of advanced cosmeceutical ingredients aids in firming, protecting, correcting, and nourishing the skin. The Kabat technique (a neuromuscular massage method) is applied which reinforces skin tissue and muscle elasticity!

”Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.”
Astrid Alauda

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