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Bad Sleep Habits That Could Age You!

Posted in Mind and Body Health

Sleeping on Your SideBad sleep habits

Laying on one side can deepen wrinkles due to compression. Start sleeping on your back! It’s also better for your back!

Eating or Drinking Refined Sugar

Sugar is linked to inflammation and production of free radicals which contribute to how your skin looks.

Wearing a Face Mask Longer than 15 Minutes

Too much of a good thing sometimes isn’t a good thing. Wearing a mask for too long can strip the moisture from your skin! That can make your skin appear dry and more prone to premature wrinkles.

Waiting Until You Are Starving Before You Eat

There is a hunger hormone named ghrelin that signals the need for food to the brain. That is normal, BUT it can lead to overeating. It takes a half hour after you begin eating for the hormone to subside. Overeating leads to weight gain which robs you of your energy!

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Not only will a lack of sleep age you, it can also raise your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and mental health issues.

Consuming Caffeine After Lunch

Caffeine can linger in your system for up to 12 hours! Try chamomile or warm milk at night instead.

Working out at Night

It’s better to work out in the morning or early afternoon to allow your body time to relax. This will lead you to get better quality sleep.

Working in Bed

Working in bed can lead to stress, and if you’re using your phone or laptop is bad! The laptop or phone causes stimulation which keeps your mind going, and stress can make you toss and turn all night.

Drinking Alcohol

While it may make you tired, it also makes you restless. Stop drinking alcohol for at least two hours before your ready for bed.

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