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Category: IPL/Photofacial

What Treatments Can Postpone the Need for a Facelift?

Posted August 08, 2019

While many people undergo a facelift as a way to minimize facial aging, surgery is not for everyone. It is invasive and expensive. Many patients who wish to avoid surgery have found relief in non-invasive procedures that still restore a fuller and more youthful-looking complexion. What Is the Goal of a Facelift, Anyway? Facelift surgery […]

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Should You Fear the Sun?

Posted January 21, 2019

The sun is a tricky thing: it provides your skin with vitamin D, it feels comforting and soothing, and it is difficult to avoid. By now, most men and women understand that excessive sun exposure comes with a laundry list of potential problems. From premature aging to a higher risk of skin cancer, it often […]

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Skin Care Is Not Just for Women

Posted December 11, 2018

For far too long, the cosmetic skin care industry has appeared to have been built solely around women. But the fact is that, while women are a big part of the skincare market, they are far from the only demographic. Men are starting to pay an increasing amount of attention to the quality and health […]

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Years of Sunbathing Has Damaged My Skin

Posted September 14, 2018

A beautiful suntan can often be a contradiction. In the short term, the natural glow of a suntan likely receives numerous compliments about how good, healthy, and happy you look. Unfortunately, the long-term effects of suntanning and sunbathing are not nearly as favorable. From age spots to hyperpigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage […]

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Laser Treatments for Facial Veins

Posted February 09, 2018

Much like spider veins on the legs, visible facial veins can create a host of insecurities and annoyances. Facial veins are caused by broken capillaries under the skin that typically appear around the nose, under the eyes, or on the cheeks. The blood vessels in the face are incredibly delicate and can be affected by […]

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