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Category: Facials

How to Choose the Best Facial for You

Posted in Facials

Facials use a variety of ingredients and techniques to exfoliate, moisturize, and heal damaged or aged skin. While some individuals turn to facials in an attempt to relax and feel at peace, others use them to target specific skin concerns. All facials are performed in a series of steps that allow for the relaxation and […]

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Ask the Experts: Life Cycle of a Facial

Posted in Ask the Experts, Facials

There are several advantages to getting a facial, including treatments for acne, dehydrated, and dull skin. For preventative care, anti-aging, brightening, and treating rosacea. Most facials begin with a deep cleanse, removing all dirt and impurities. The next step is an exfoliant which can be manual, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, an enzyme, or a peel. During this […]

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Ask the Experts: Vampire Facial

Posted in Ask the Experts, Facials, Microneedling, PRP

Let’s jump right into it; our skin is being damaged every day. Whether it be from the sun, pollution or just the dreaded aging process, it’s happening right before our eyes. In our mid-20s, our body’s collagen starts decreasing, and our skin cell turnover starts to become sluggish. Collagen is what makes us look young, […]

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Should You Fear the Sun?

Posted in Chemical Peels, CryoClear®, Facials, IPL/Photofacial

The sun is a tricky thing: it provides your skin with vitamin D, it feels comforting and soothing, and it is difficult to avoid. By now, most men and women understand that excessive sun exposure comes with a laundry list of potential problems. From premature aging to a higher risk of skin cancer, it often […]

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Skin Care Is Not Just for Women

Posted in Anti-Aging, BOTOX® Cosmetic, excel V™ by CUTERA®, Facials, HydraFacial MD® Elite with Perk™, Injectable Fillers, Injectables, IPL/Photofacial, Laser Genesis by CUTERA®, Laser Treatments for Wrinkles, Services for Men, Skin Care

For far too long, the cosmetic skin care industry has appeared to have been built solely around women. But the fact is that, while women are a big part of the skincare market, they are far from the only demographic. Men are starting to pay an increasing amount of attention to the quality and health […]

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Years of Sunbathing Has Damaged My Skin

Posted in CryoClear®, Facials, IPL/Photofacial, Laser Treatments for Wrinkles, Microdermabrasion, PicoSure® FOCUS™

A beautiful suntan can often be a contradiction. In the short term, the natural glow of a suntan likely receives numerous compliments about how good, healthy, and happy you look. Unfortunately, the long-term effects of suntanning and sunbathing are not nearly as favorable. From age spots to hyperpigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage […]

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What Is the Best Facial for My Skin Type?

Posted in Facials

Walking down the lotion aisle at the drug store can often seem overwhelming. As the fine print on the bottles reads, there are options for dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, etc. And just as your skin type determines which facial lotions and creams to use, it also determines which facial […]

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