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What Scar Treatments Actually Work?

Posted in Skin Care Products

What scar treatments actually work?Year-round we want our skin to be flawless! Almost everyone has at least one scar they would like to disappear. Did you know that your age, ethnicity, and genetics affect how your scar heals? There are so many scar treatments out there, which ones work? Did you know that the FDA hasn’t approved most scar creams? New to our spa is BioCorneum. It works great, and it is FDA approved!

What Is BioCorneum?

It is a silicone gel mixed with a topical steroid, designed to treat problematic scars. The FDA has approved it as the first silicone fast-drying treatment with an SPF of 30. BioCorneum comes highly recommended by doctors; they recommend it most when creating a plan to treat patient’s scars that prove stubborn or difficult to heal.

BioCorneum Facts

    • Easy and fast application
    • Quickly dries to form an invisible silicone sheet over the scar
    • Aids in preventing scarring from surgeries or burns
    • Raised scars are flattened
    • The SPF of 30 prevents discoloration to the scar
    • Water-resistant
    • You can apply makeup over the scar
  • You can use it on large scars
  • Safe before, during, or after pregnancy

A recent trial studied the leading popular brand that claims to improve the softness, texture, and appearance of scars. In the trial, this product improved the scars no better than Vaseline. Because of the silicone gel sheeting in BioCorneum, it can speed healing, and thus lead to flattened, less inflamed, and smoother scars. In order for a scar to heal, it needs moisture, and the sheeting in BioCorneum will keep the water from evaporating from the skin.

Are you looking for a laser treatment instead of a topical gel or cream to heal your scar? We have that too! With treatments of micro-needling or laser, pink scars can heal completely. The process works by stimulating your skin’s collagen, which will help heal the scar. If the scar is white, the pigment will never go back to normal, but you will still receive the benefits of tightening and smoothing the scar, making it less noticeable.
Your scar doesn’t have to haunt you forever. These treatments are proven to work effectively but safely: the best of both worlds!

For more information about our scar treatment options, contact The Spa at Spring Ridge. Call [phone] to make your appointment today!