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What To Do Before You Get A Spray Tan

Posted in Skin Care Products

Spray Tan Wyomissing PASunless tanning has taken a front seat to tanning beds recently. There has been so much in the media about how tanning beds aren’t safe but people still want their tan! There are a few different options to get your sunless tan that are safe; you could do a lotion or even a spray. The spray in our opinion gives a more even result. The mist has an ingredient called DHA which interacts with your skins chemistry turning your skin tan. At The Spa At Spring Ridge we offer airbrush tanning and you are sprayed by one of our licensed professionals. Below is some information you will need to know before you get your first spray tan.

Step 1: Exfoliate your body. This is a very important first step. You want to make sure to get all the dry flaky skin off. The dry flaky skin attracts more color so you need make those areas smooth. Use a loofah with your exfoliant to get the desired result. Pay close attention to the knees and elbows.

Step 2: Shave unwanted hair prior to tan. Shaving too soon after the tan could result in the color flaking!

Step 3: Avoid creams, lotions, and deodorants the day of the tan. Lotions can interfere with the spray tan sticking to the skin. You also will want to avoid makeup the day of the tan. You can resume using the lotions, deodorants, and makeup after the tan is adhered. It is recommended that you do wait until after the first shower to do so with the lotions.

Step 4: Wear the proper clothing. While being sprayed it is at your digression whether you would like to be nude, wear a bathing suit, (ECT.) After you are dried you will have to put your clothing attire back on. It is recommended to wear dark loose fitting clothing so the tan will be less likely to stick to your clothing. If the tan does stick to your clothing it normally doesn’t stain the clothes.

Spray tans will typically last from 3-7 days it is recommended to receive your tan 1-2 days prior to your special event. Please remember that the spray tan does not protect you against sun rays. Please wear SPF! You must wait 12 hours after the tan to shower to allow the tan to dry completely. Now you are all ready to become tan the safe way! Call (610) 880-8265 to schedule.